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Hi!  My name is Thomas Slatin, and I’m passionate about Writing, and Photography.  I also do a little bit of WordPress-based website design, too.


My Location: New York, United States of America
Available: Nationwide (United States of America)

What I’m Looking For
I’m looking for freelance work as a writer, photographer, and/or website designer.  If you are looking for someone who is high-energy who will be willing to travel, I’m the one you are looking for.

What I Do
I am available to work on freelance projects dealing with writing, photography, or website design.  I can meet even the most demanding and/or or unpredictable schedules.

Where My Work Has Been Featured

I bill according to the specific details and complexity of the project.  Daily, weekly, and monthly rates are available upon request based on travel, scheduling, or specific project itineraries.  If you wish to hire me, feel free to contact me for a free quote based on these variables.  To ensure a fair, and accurate quote, please be specific as possible as to what you are expecting, and pay special attention to time and travel requirements.

* Double hourly rate for service time spent in hazardous or potentially hazardous locations including, but not limited to, accident and/or emergency scenes, high-angle (such as aircraft, rope, or aerial platform), extreme sports, adventure travel, confined spaces, construction sites, or abandoned/derelict structures.  Any applicable state and/or local taxes extra.

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