Life To-Do List

Here is a list of all of the things I want accomplish within my own lifetime.

Goals in progress or completed may also be linked to a separate web page.  Completed goals will have a line through them like this.

Interested in helping me achieve the dreams on this list?  Please leave a comment below.

Attend A Blogging Conference | Be A Guest On The Howard Stern Show | Visit An Oddball Museum |Visit A Wax Museum | Visit Thurmond, West Virginia | Get a fan letter published in Mad Magazine | Witness The Running Of The Bulls In Spain |Take Photographs With A Digital Holga Camera | Own A Segway | Visit Monowi, Nebraska | Attend Burning Man | Visit Alaska | Smoke A Cigar | Explore A Ghost Town | Spend An Entire Day (Open-To-Close) At A Water Park | Attend A Sarah McLachlan Concert | Hike The Appalachian Trail | Visit Legoland in Germany | Travel US Route 20 | Ride In A Hot Air Balloon | Explore An Abandoned Resort Hotel | Travel US Route 66 | Take A Picture Of Myself Every Day For The Rest Of My Life | Give A $100 Bill To A Homeless Person | Travel To All 50 States | Film A Documentary | Spend A Night At A 5-Star Hotel | Visit Carhenge (Alliance, Nebraska, USA) | Go SCUBA Diving | Be A Hobby Beekeeper | Go Whitewater Rafting | Ride A Zip-Line | Create Viral Blog Content | Get A Book Published | Hitch A Ride On A Freight Train | Climb Mount Marcy | Visit Cadillac Ranch (Amarillo, Texas, USA) | Visit The Museum Of Sex In New York City | Get A Tattoo Across My Chest | Visit Tombstone, Arizona, USA | Photograph A Wild Cactus | Visit A Clothing-Optional Resort Or Event | Go Whale Watching | Draw A Chalk Sidewalk Masterpiece | Get Interviewed On Television Or Radio | Go Hang Gliding | Ride On A Powered Parachute |Visit The Alamo | Plant A Vegetable Garden | Go Caving | Teach A Class In Writing And/Or Photography |Get An Amateur Radio License | Go Urban Camping | Visit London, England | Visit Paris, France | Visit Italy | Visit Stonehenge | Build My Own Tree House | Go To Comic Con

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23 Comments on Life To-Do List

  1. Andrew Raymond says:

    Its blank, Tom.

  2. Jayke1981 says:

    If its blank.. do you plan on writing a book telling the story of your dreams…once you achieve all 100 dreams? Roughly how many that you HAVEN’T announced, have you achieved?

  3. Keisha says:

    l explored a ghost town once.:) good call,Tom.

  4. helen says:

    have done 7… pretty good………..white water rafting 2 weeks on the river ….fantastic in Tasmania had an American guide with an injured leg . He was filling in during off season in the states. Took my electric tooth brush (there are some things that a girl has to have ! ) As our bags were packed so tight it started vibrating——–strange noise in that pristine wilderness thought it was a chain saw ! I eventually recognized the sound and owed up. However accused of having a vibrator ! It was the quiet part of the river and we were just paddling and watching the wild life and marveling at the tea colored water. I think I was the oldest female that had done the trip. Just great.

  5. Mimi says:

    I have an uncle who is homeless. They don’t all use the money they get from strangers on drugs :) Reading that line on your list warms my heart and reminds me of The Pursuit of Happiness.

    • Thomas says:

      I have personally spoken with and photographed a few homeless people, and for the most part, the majority were very hard working, goal-oriented folks who were simply dealt a bad card by society or circumstance. My best friend was once homeless for a little while about 10 years ago, and I helped him get back on his feet, and he’s now doing just fine. You should really help your uncle.

  6. sarah says:

    Would love hear more about the ghost town(s) you visited. This is on my bucket list too.

  7. Ruby says:

    Really great Bucket List. Makes mine look puny. I have no imagination, but your list sure ot me to a-thinkin’..
    Thanks !

  8. Kim says:

    How old are you? That is a mighty big list with very few check marks. Get busy!
    Kim recently posted..Comment on Making Chocolate. 10 Easy Steps by carolyn tait

  9. felisminor says:

    Legoland is in Denmark. I’ve been – it’s terrific. You can easily traverse to Germany from Denmark if you like or vice versa.

  10. Interesting list to me in that I’ve done some of these but two of them (vegetable garden and bees) are always part of my daily life. I never would have imagined “grow a vegetable garden” on someone’s life list, but I’ll look at mine with a fresh eye today! For me to live without a garden. . . I guess I’d have to be homeless or living post-apocalypse or something dramatic. And bees. . .I’ll just say, since you’re a photographer, that they’re photographic gold.
    Louise Ducote recently posted..Woman vs. Kitchen

    • Thomas says:

      I’m reminded of an artist I once met many years ago in New York City who was commissioned to create an interpretation on bees. He spent a total of four years building a hive out of glue and white paper, and filling it with a total of 10,000 hand-cut and hand-colored bees. What bothers me the most is the youth of our time who think that bees are bad, or they are something to be scared of. They’re not; I have never been afraid of bees, or really anything in nature for that matter. Bees, especially do not get the credit or appreciation for the active role they play in life.

      • You really have to go out of your way to incite them to sting. Through many hive inspections I’ve been stung exactly once; I was wearing black pants (Lazy! Dumb!) and my white beekeeper’s shirt/hood, and one of the girls stung me on my thigh almost the instant I opened the hive. They can’t stand black, and I knew that. . .but now I know it better. We need them. While kids are learning about recycling their soda bottles they might also learn about how bees recycle the world’s crops, not a minor thing.
        Louise Ducote recently posted..Zee Cabbage and Zee Corned Beef

        • Thomas says:

          That is so totally cool! Thanks for the words of encouragement! Hopefully some day soon I will start up my own beehive. Too often, perhaps, children mistake good bees for the useless wasps and hornets that sting for no reason other than to ruin your day.

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