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10 Influential Bloggers


I read a lot of blogs, books, and eBooks.  Here are a handful of blogs written by amazing people who make up my top 10 influential bloggers.

  1. Load Film In Subdued Light (Photography)
  2. I Read Encyclopedias For Fun (Miscellaneous)
  3. Thought Catalog (Writing)
  4. No Page Left Blank (Writing, Miscellaneous)
  5. Amy Findore (Writing)
  6. The G Train (Writing, Photography)
  7. Broken Light: A Photography Collective (Writing, Photography)
  8. Idiot Photographer (Photography)
  9. Urbex Photog (Photography)
  10. PostSecret (Art)

2 responses to “10 Influential Bloggers”

  1. Wow, thanks! I didn’t expect this.
    And just for the record, I consider my blog more writing related (although with a side of science).

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