HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

Arthur Sterling Covert
112 Front Street
Schenectady, New York 12305

February 13, 1989

Dear Doktor,

I have a number of assignment from you which I will attempt to answer in this letter, which may be regarded as a secondary document.  I will try to enclose primary documents, and will also transmit this by voice telephone.

GEnie – The two local GEnie numbers in your area are [1] Oneonta 607-432-8662, [2] Norwich 607-336-1856.
To examine and/or join dial one of these numbers via your modem at 1200 baud, at full duplex, when it answers it will answer 1200 baud, and pause, typing hhh or waiting will get the next step.  It will show you U#=, as a prompt, you type in the following XJM11999,GENIE, this will get you a free demonstration and the opportunity to join.
There is also an 800 number for information and help

CALL WAITING The following sequences inside the bracket should defeat call waiting for the subsequent call.  For tone dialing [*70,], for pulse dialing [1170,].  The commas are an important part of the code.  As your ProComm was set up you would insert as my phone number 1170,5183747658, or in the SETUP MENU item two MODEM SETUP would be changed to read [ATM1DP1170,].  I am of course not completely sure that these will work, in some areas I am told they will not.  I suggest a test in which you call me, set a time at which you will call GEnie, do so and I will attempt to call you at that time.

NORTHERN CATSKILL BBS Widespread inquiries have not turned up any numbers, but then the people who read bulletin boards are idiots who don’t know north from south.  One suggested a number in Catskill, but said it was a Commie board and maybe I wouldn’t like that.  I called and found a Commodore board.

DIRECT COMMUNICATION I have set my HOST MODE up so that if we [1] arrange a time in advance, [2] I will turn on ProComm and put it in the HOST MODE, [3] you call my number, [4] when I respond get the CHAT MODE, [5] let’s see where we go from there.

Very truly yours,

Arthur S. Covert

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