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Month: August 2014

  • Writing Prompt Number 87


    Can a book really be judged by its cover? Explain in as much detail as possible why or why not.

  • There’s A Meme For That!


    In this era of social media, people are always looking for memes to express how they feel.  Here is a collection of funny memes I have created recently.  Feel free to use, distribute, and adapt upon these memes however you wish.

  • My Writing Manifesto

     I will write factual, complete, and detailed accounts of the human experience, or my life events.  I will do so without permission, and doing so for nothing more than to chase my passion, and regardless of the opinion of others.  Above all else, no time and no words shall I waste. Colophon Cover image was…

  • Pulveratricious

    August 2014 Part of a collection of my fathers antiquated electrical and electronic parts and experiments.

  • 26 Questions

    These questions were first brought to my attention on Tracey Lynn Tobin’s Blog, No Page Left Blank, in this post titled 26 Questions No One Should Answer.  The original questions can be found here on Write Accountable.  Here is another list of answered questions.

  • 6th Grade, And Other Mishaps

    Sixth grade started like any other year of public school, except for the fact that my teacher had received word that I was a, “gifted student”, and therefore, expected more of me than most of the other students in my grade.  Public school was a breeze, and getting good grades never required any sort of…

  • Writing Prompt Number 86


    Describe an odd or unusual writing habit or ritual you or someone you know has.

  • Overtaking

    August 2014

  • The Blogs I Read

    Curious as to what fuels my writing, creativity, and above all else, keeps me entertained?  This is a list of the blogs I read*, and you should be reading as well.

  • The Contents Of My Head

    What is one thing nobody knows about you because nobody ever cared to ask? There is so much going on within the confines of my own mind.  All through the day, empty thoughts fill my ears, at night, dreams and visions of things and situations never to become reality play before my eyes.  Often times…