4 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Everyday


Lately there has been a lot of discussion related to important questions to ask yourself everyday; focused upon self-improvement, most people have decided to capitalize upon the idea.  Instead of writing a book in hopes of cashing-in, I hereby present 4 very important questions to ask yourself everyday, as I do, complete with a little explanation and background.

Have I been fair?
Ever since I was a child, I strongly believed in the concept of fairness.  In a world that is notorious for being unfair, it has always been my solid belief that life should be fair, and that everybody should have access to the same opportunities and experiences regardless of the ways in which we choose to categorize ourselves and others.

Have I been wise?
As we grow older, we also grow wiser.  We should all learn from our mistakes, and do our very best never to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Have I been kind?
If we were all just a little bit nicer to one another, and show one another a little bit of kindness, this world would be a much better place.  Along with being kind is having and showing respect for one another, the same as we respect and treat ourselves.

Have I been strong?
Strength comes in all forms, and is not limited to physical strength.  One should be strong enough to accept things the way they are, strong enough to change things that need to be changed, and to accept the things that cannot be changed.

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