HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

April 28, 1990

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

It was certainly good to see you and Anne and Thomas, after a short 45 years or so (in your case).  We had a very nice time, and want to thank you again for the dinner.  (I noticed you didn’t order zinfandel.)  We enjoyed meeting Grant and Sandy (who now suspects that I may not be Ken Early).  Mary and Sandy talked over old times in Brooklyn, but I could only talk over old times in Queens, and nobody would have known what I was taking about (except Donald Trump, who is from Queens, but we try to keep that quiet).  Hope your red-eye return flight was comfortable, even though not very convenient.  For our drive back the weather was clear and beautiful but very windy all the way.  That makes van driving more strenuous than car driving because of the buffeting, but here we are where the warm weather is closing in, one degree at a time.  The Chief Ranger in Death Valley is already sending warning letters about stealing his visitors.

We are now within one inch of normal rainfall for the season (which ends in July), but The Bee is already printing wet days/dry days for lawn watering, and it has retained a lawn specialist to advise readers about how to keep the lawn green without water when the daytime temperature is 110 for two months straight.  In an exciting article today the specialist says that we don’t have to worry about green grass.  More tomorrow, unless he leaves town tonight.  Railroad and bus terminals, and the airport, are being closely watched.  The Bee loves nothing more than the chance to print stories about how the streets will be cluttered with bleached bones.  Since Lukenbill was sent to the showers, The Bee is having a hard time finding stories that will raise the consciousness of the readers (assuming that those who buy the paper are conscious in the first place).

Quake Credit
We citizens of Claremont cannot understand why the city of Upland receives credit for all of the recent earthquakes.  News reports typically state the epicenter was 3.2 or 4.6 miles west of Upland.  Whey you’re that distance west of Upland, you’re in Claremont and we would like to get credit!

The letter to the right is from The Los Angeles Times, which aspires to be The Bee of Southern California.  Sandy and Grant may not have seen it, if they read only the Claremont paper (I assume there is one).  They may know the writer personally.  He’s right: Claremont is much better known than Upland (because of the colleges).  I have no idea what Upland is known for, except perhaps grabbing the headlines about earthquakes.  This has gone far enough.  A stand must be taken, a line must be drawn, and credit must go where it is due.  Earthquakes do not return unless they know they are welcome, and they obviously feel comfortable in Claremont.

I never realized that you were in a radiation accident at Los Alamos.  Was it the Slotin accident, or the one in which John Balagna and some others were involved?  No doubt you read the article in The New York Times magazine several months ago, about Allan Kline.  It was borderline sensationalism, and I was surprised to see it in The Times.  Kline apparently tried to dissuade the reporter from Ripping Away The Mask Of Hypocrisy, but “the American People are entitled to the truth.”  The real bad guys were either not mentioned or were played down.

QUESTION: is Anne now on the Council officially, or does she have to wait until the previous incumbent’s term expires?

This is a short letter to break the radio silence that was imposed when we headed for Claremont.  Subsequent letters will deal with the Hard Decisions: should Udobbs Press go public?  Are The American People ready for the real story of Thomas Udo?  Can the whittlers at the IGA handle Anne’s election within the prevailing culture and infrastructure of Stamford?

Tough questions.  But it is time to stand up and be counted.  Glasnost and perestroika can accomplish just so much.

Nostroikfully yours,

Fred C. Dobbs

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