HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

May 7, 1992

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

Just came back from a 5-day trip to the North Coast of this great state, and found your good-news letter.  The good news is of course that you do not have macular degeneration, and your cataracts can be overcome.  If you can get 20/20 vision after an ailment like cataracts, that will be a medical marvel.  Couldn’t be better news.

OTHER SUBJECTS IN YOUR LETTER:  I don’t remember Katie Stack, but I remember John Stack.  She may have been his wife.  Actually, John Stack was a friend of John Herzog’s, and what I really remember is just his name.  All of which is no help, because I don’t have a copy of “Hillzapoppin'” either.  John told me that there are copies in an archive on The Hill someplace.  If Katie writes to you again, you can tell her where to look.  She’ll be grateful.

The Valley News is running behind schedule, as you realize.  Our trip to Idaho is off because I need unexpected dental work that will cost about half of the national debt.  We will have to take short trips like the one we just took, and eat lard sandwiches on stale bread, and sleep on the ground.

The newspaper clippings were highly interesting.  Obviously you are re-making Stamford in the teeth of Bergleitner’s opposition.  The Oneonta Daily Star gave you “Cheers,” which no doubt irritated George C. even more.  And the Kitchee tribe of Kenya has Lambs Neck over a barrel of atlatls.  And Judge Selya of Boston uses words that even lawyers don’t understand (not hard to do).  You are living where the action is.  No wonder the Little People’s Party is growing day by day, and Perot is chewing his nails.

Lukenbill is currently on The Bee’s louse list, because he managed to make a mess of just about everything he was involved in, especially trying to move the San Francisco Giants to Sacramento (into his new stadium, which is now in bankruptcy).  So all is not bad news around here.

Let us know about your California plans.

Our best to Anne (“I’ve just begun to fight!”) and Thomas (“Summer camp was never like this.”)

Be sure to lay in a supply of new reeds for your concertina, in case of a blockade.

Fred C. (“Well, throttle my atlatl!”) Dobbs

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