Arthur S. Covert
112 Front Street
Schenectady NY 12305

September 13, 1986

Dear Harvey,

This communication will be thinner wordwise than previous ones.

You may recall my complaints about OSS Pascal. One it take up so much space on the disk there isn’t much room for programs, and the methods that usually work to act on files on other disk don’t work in this case. The next trouble is that it is so slow. Well there has been a change, purely by accident I discovered how to reference another disk, the method is obscure, not mentioned in the manual even in the part that deals with the operation that makes it possible.

Once you know how to do this you can make the other disk a RAM disk and this gives you all the space you didn’t have before, but it also makes the compilation five times as fast. I made this discovery on Thursday morning and spent the rest of Thursday and Friday enjoying the new situation.

Because I haven’t seen what you have done I assume that you are producing the kind of thing that the enclosed photograph shows. Thursday I began to see another sort of thing. My first temptation was to send you one of the screen drops and say “Try that on your old Kazoo”. What I did was simple it was to recognize that all we were doing was calculating x2 + y2 for a grid of points that we chose with three parameters (I reduced the parameters to one, the other side by choosing the x and y corner so that the point 0,0 was in the center of the screen). That is we calculated f(x,y), what was the virtue of the function we calculated and would other functions work. Well try these on your old kazoo.

tan x2+tan y2
sin x2+sin y2

Sometimes it is necessary to choose the side length with care or the screen comes out all one color as in the latter case if side is too small. I enclose some printouts. I guess I am being arrogant in assuming that you haven’t made these and more discoveries. Just let me know if this is so. Actually the whole schmere is very simple, what is surprising is the patterns that appear.

What the programmers of this country need is a quick reference which will tell us the effects of the function keys which very oddly from program to program, something like a bunch of cards on a cylinder so you can flip up the one you need.

While I have typed this I have been watching out of the corner of my eye a program in which old American communists tell about how it was. It sounded pretty good to me. Particularly after the last week, in which I learned that there was an American journalist accused of espionage by the Russians, his wife said he wasn’t, his daughter said he wasn’t, his colleagues said he wasn’t. There wasn’t any of this nonsense about a man being innocent until proven guilty. American journalists are always innocent. Now that Russian engineer our FBI captured is different no one can question his guilt. Now I suspect he tried to spy but was a bit of a schnook. And my guess is the journalist is innocent from our point of view. but where is that plot among our newsmen to subvert our institution. The local public service station was careful to point out how misguided those old commies were.

Then they switched to a program with folk music about how Kerr-Mcgee is poisoning the South West, the Native Americans, the non-native American, the children of both. this program had Russell Means who I had never heard before, it he writes his own stuff I wouldn’t trust him far, noble looking though he be. Now as you know I am not an advocate of Kerr-Mcgee, of nuclear power, I am not opposed to Native Americans, but crap is crap. Much of the information is the sort of stuff that if a Russian said it we would call it disinformation. There was no suggestion that anything in this program was not approved by all experts in radiation and in fact by God. One scarcely knows to whom to complain.

I also enclose a photograph of your daemon but well protected cyclist.

Yours truly,

P.S Yesterday I had 5 fractals in my program. I found 5 more today without trying and of course for each of them there are number for the scale from 0 to 65,535. Where (and when) will it all end.
One wishes one had a language that randomly adding fractals not only me.
P.SS These have either A or 14!!! colors

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