50 Written Blog Posts You Should Read

  • September 16, 2013

Pen And Blank BookEnjoy these 50 Written Blog Posts You Should Read!

  1. What Does It Mean To Be A Writer?
  2. Compulsive
  3. Yes, You Have To Choose. But Can’t You Choose Everything?
  4. I Was A Misogynist
  5. (Wo)man In The Mirror
  6. A Tale Of Starch: My Descent Into Madness (And Sleeplessness)
  7. Flashing The Flesh
  8. The Rules Of Attraction And Singlehood
  9. Bad Writing Advice
  10. Tips For Writers
  11. Ice Cream Cones, And Other Small Stuff Not To Sweat Over
  12. The World Bookshop Challenge
  13. Excuse Me, I Give A Shit
  14. Flying Ford Anglia
  15. Against The Tide
  16. A Few Things Wrong With Our Society
  17. Animals
  18. Should Writers Read Outside Their Genre?
  19. Train Of Thought
  20. Writing Without a Map: In Which I End Up Exactly Where I’m Supposed to Be
  21. Bile In My Blood
  22. The Search For A “Role Model”, And How I Learned To Live Without One
  23. Six Months And A Ton Of Bricks
  24. Dream Team
  25. On Writing (And Evolving) Online
  26. The [Open] Letter To My Father That He Will Never Read
  27. The First Child Dilemma
  28. Show Up To Life, And Then Stay There.
  29. From Introvert To Extrovert
  30. What Do We See?
  31. Things Aren’t Always What They Appear
  32. Crap
  33. An Experiment In Writing And Self-Pity
  34. Deep, Dark Woods
  35. My Penis Girl
  36. Germany: A Story Of Sadness, Guilt, And The Past
  37. Surround Yourself
  38. The Mirror
  39. The Post I’ve Been Trying To Write For Months
  40. Coffee Addicts Anonymous
  41. Stinking Badges
  42. I’m Sorry
  43. I Was A Teenage Sandwich, Or How To Be A Great Writer
  44. Why Man’s Mind Is Creative
  45. Under The Spell
  46. What Are We Living For?
  47. The Hardest One: In A Macabre Way, This Is My Coming Out Party
  48. Being Where I Am
  49. An Ode To New York City
  50. It Ain’t Necessarily So
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