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A Certain Degree Of Fear

A Certain Degree Of Fear

September 2019

16 responses to “A Certain Degree Of Fear”

  1. You got that right old houses tend to give off that vibe. If people around it say they do not feel it that is because it is still morning. Come night time and the creepy air surrounding it will pick up. I do not wanna stay here. That is for sure.

  2. The surrounding is cool to me, it just like what a typical environment should be. You did a good job here.

  3. Good looking picture with high quality. The level of fear will be limited to night than during the broad day light. Thanks for this cool picture.

  4. The house in the picture can create fear for the person that is planning on visiting because how can a house be half covered by trees/bush. Nice caption

  5. Well, i like places surronded by nature, but I guess if i were a kid I wouold be scared by the shadows of the tree branches in my room.

  6. The angle this shot was taken of the abandoned house instills me with a slight anxiety. I would definitely not want to venture inside that house even during the day, and especially at night.

  7. The description fits the picture perfectly. It may look creepy on the outside but who knows what’s on the inside. Exploring there would be pretty cool.

  8. With the title and the setting the Bates motel or a haunted mansion comes to mind. I think every caption gives a new spin to what’s being portrayed.

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