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The following article was written by Lisa Pellegrene, and was originally published on on December 23, 2018.

Thomas W.P. Slatin has had a camera in hand since the age of eight. His images will now also be on iStock by Getty Images.

New York Central System

In a recent interview with accomplished photographer Thomas W.P. Slatin, he took some time to highlight some of his favorite work throughout the years. He describes his love for photography and writing as talents and abilities which stem from “self-motivation, fueled by a passion, dedication and love to create in the form of capturing beautiful and interesting imagery.” Having state of the art camera equipment is great, paraphrasing Slatin, yet “it’s not the camera nor the equipment that makes one talented in photography, talent comes from within and involves “a good eye” for capturing photographs that resonate.” This is why Thomas Slatin states time and time again the importance of “photographing what you love.” Slatin’s areas of interest include urban exploration, landscape photography, locomotives and portraits of human and animal on occasion recalling, “I have always had an inexplicable connection with animals since my youth. Animals have never found themselves fearful of me and any way, and I love photographing them.” Summarizing Slatin, “what makes photographing them truly amazing is seeing that they truly are having just as much fun posing as I am taking the photographs of many beautiful and awe inspiring animals.” It is of no surprise that one of his hopes and dreams according to Slatin is to work as a freelance photographer for National Geographic one day, or to have several of his images of beautiful animals published by them. “Ideally, I would love to take my photography to an international level in all of my areas of interest, and one day travel the world capturing breathtaking images as a world traveler throughout my adulthood.” In his growth as a photographer, he describes the goal he sets for himself each year to truly become more and more productive, striving to continue to be present with each moment captured through his photographs, with a desire to share beautiful and interesting moments with the world.

Thomas Slatin often photographs in high quality digital, utilizing his Canon 5D Mark IV camera which works well according to Slatin, for a variety of photo shoots. Slatin is also a proponent of film photography and is well versed utilizing film when he feels called upon to do so. Slatin states, “When using film, especially large format, every single aspect is dependent on the skill and experience of the photographer, and when done correctly, it seems as if all of the stars of the universe truly align to create iconic photographs.” Continuing, “film is still very relevant.” One of Thomas Slatin’s favorite cameras is the Kodak Speedgraphic utilizing film by Ilford, specifically Pan F Plus Film. Utilizing this camera and ISO 100, I have taken some of the best black and white images.” The first camera that Slatin utilized as a child was a Polaroid One-Step Instant Camera. His second camera was a 35mm given to him at the age of eight, by his father the late Dr. Harvey L. Slatin. It was his father who conveyed to him, “take photographs capturing beautiful moments from your life and write about your life too as events happen, this way when your memory doesn’t serve you as well at an older age, you can easily recall important and beautiful moments in your life. This preserves memories in a physical form.” Slatin, with camera at arm’s length truly at all times, has definitely followed his father’s advice.

One of those memories captured through his photography, occurred while Thomas Slatin was walking his fiancee’s dog, Pickles at John Boyd Thacher State Park in Voorheesville, New York. Slatin recalls, “It was April 25, 2018, and there was very dense fog, we came across this one tree alone in a very heavy fog. I stopped to take the photograph and this photograph quickly became one of my all time favorite images that I had ever captured, and quite easily the best of the year.” His advice to himself as well as others passionate about photography and capturing beautiful moments, “it’s always a good idea to have a camera in hand.”

Thomas Slatin’s photograph of The Westholm Hotel, located in the Catskill Mountains, was featured on the front page of The Daily Star in Oneonta, New York, accompanying the article, “New Owner Seeks to Revive Historic Stamford Resort.” The hotel is in process of restoration by the owner, Victoria Filonenko. Slatin’s photographs at times have assisted with restoration efforts of historical properties. Also, Slatin’s photographs have garnered initial interest from those wishing to restore various properties or locomotives, through their discovery of his photographs online. His website is

Other goals for Slatin include traveling across country in 2019 to photograph the country. His work in recent years is largely focused on many regions of Upstate New York, the Northeast and the Mid Atlantic portion of the United States. “I want to begin traveling more extensively because there is so much more to see and photograph throughout the United States and the world. Thomas Slatin also hopes to one day have images published in the New Yorker, Ploughshares, and The New York Times. Concluding, “there are so many outstanding publications which feature beautiful imagery through photography, I would love to be able to contribute to more outstanding media publications as a photographer. Photography and writing are my passions.” Thomas W.P. Slatin is now a contributor for by Getty Images, his image of a stunning blue and gold Macaw may be found here:


20 thoughts on “A Dedication, Passion And A Love For Photography

  1. Congrats on your photography progress and being included in iStock Thomas! I agree that the best photography tends to come from the things you one has a love and passion for,

  2. Wow, these pictures are very expresive and have captured the emotion of the moment, they are so color full and beautiful that for a moment I felt like being there.

    1. Writing and photography have been my lifelong passions since age eight, and I am proud of how far I have come after all these years.

  3. I can see Thomas being National Geographic material. I love the way he put it that all the stars in the universe align when taking a photograph. I can see why his photos are so exceptional considering he’s had a love for photography since early childhood.

  4. I love photography too. I love to capture lovely things in the environment. Hey! Thomas you are doing a magnificent job of capturing these colorful images. Wishing you more height on your journey.

  5. I do not do photography but these are stunning. Boy it seems you turned your hobby into something more. Good luck.

  6. Taking great photos requires skill but, moreover I believe that it is about putting heart and dedication. You’re an amazing photographer!

  7. Photography is something really enjoyable to do. When I was younger all we had was a film camera and we really had to get the shot right or you waste your film. Good thing nowadays we have digital camera, you can just click away and not worry about films wasted.

    1. I still shoot with film from time to time as any competent photographer can immediately see that a digital photo was manipulated to look as if it were shot using film. I’ve since stopped using 35mm for the most part, preferring 120mm medium format and 4×5 large format film. It is a considerably expensive and time consuming way to take photographs, which demands that one make the shots worth the added expense and time.

  8. Bravo for coming this far, certainly you are improving on your craft. I’m an amateur in photography but a picture freak. Thumbs up.

    1. Every master began as an amateur. Remember that. Thanks again for your kind words and support! I couldn’t have made it this far without the encouragement of others.

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