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A Different Point Of View

October 2018

12 responses to “A Different Point Of View”

  1. Cool picture. The sky and the trees really add to it. The view and the focus make it look very natural and unique.

  2. The view of the house is cool for me. I just wish the house can be repainted to look more appealing to the eyes.

  3. The house is old and mere looking at it,even a blind man knows it needs a huge repair and revamp.. I guess the building is a Shadow of itself

  4. I would have loved to stay at that place when it was still in use. I love having a lot of windows to let the light and breezes come in.

  5. This looks house on the hill. Beautifully structured and well positioned. You did a good capturing.

  6. Wow, it was a very beatutifull house, I think people should put some money to restore this places instead of let them fell down.

  7. A very beautiful house to be left to ruin. Somebody needs to renovate it and put it in good use.

  8. A cool color combination between the house roof and the trees. Its a perfect day’s weather.

  9. It must have been one of those very large families living here. The house looks soo spacious.

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