This post, A Few Random Things About Me, was inspired by this post, Things You Might Not Know About Me by Tracey Lynn Tobin.

A Few Random Things About Me

(Please note that my About Me Page is here.)

  • When I was a kid, I has a huge nerd.  My 6th grade Science fair project was a demonstration of how nuclear reactors worked, but unfortunately, for obvious reasons, I was unable to obtain any radioactive material, so the model didn’t actually function, and I was heartbroken.
  • I am a complete and total introvert.  So much of an introvert that whenever someone drags me to a party or large social gathering where I don’t know anybody, I will sit somewhere along the perimeter of the room and daydream.
  • Athletics were never my forte.  It was my opinion that athletic pursuits got in the way with my intellectual pursuits.  So, growing up, I was always the last one picked for teams at recess or during gym period.
  • I am flat-out obsessed with abandoned buildings, and have a very strong desire to explore and photograph them whenever possible.
  • After spending 4 long years getting dressed-up in boarding school, I refuse to wear anything dressy, regardless of the occasion.
  • Growing up, I was not very popular, and few people knew me.  My entire life, through adulthood, I never received any cards or letters on valentines day.  Though one valentines day I opened the mailbox to find an oddly addressed envelope.  I opened the envelope only to realize that it was a jury summons for me.
  • My first serious job was as an Emergency Medical Technician / Firefighter; certification that has allowed me to be employed almost anywhere I go.  I even worked as an EMT in New York City for a little over a year.
  • All through school, I had a 99% average in Science class, except for my senior year; my senior year Chemistry teacher hated me.  Throughout my school years, I had straight A’s in English class.
  • For whatever reason, the only girls I ever found romantic interest in had dark hair, and were shorter than me.  While all my friends were always chasing tall blondes, I was always looking for a short dark-haired girl.
  • I was always an avid note-taker.  I generally write down anything that floats into my mind, if it captures my interest or attention.  I even had a written and typed shit list.
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