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A Few Random Things About Me

This post, A Few Random Things About Me, was inspired by this post, Things You Might Not Know About Me by Tracey Lynn Tobin.

A Few Random Things About Me

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  • When I was a kid, I has a huge nerd.  My 6th grade Science fair project was a demonstration of how nuclear reactors worked, but unfortunately, for obvious reasons, I was unable to obtain any radioactive material, so the model didn’t actually function, and I was heartbroken.
  • I am a complete and total introvert.  So much of an introvert that whenever someone drags me to a party or large social gathering where I don’t know anybody, I will sit somewhere along the perimeter of the room and daydream.
  • Athletics were never my forte.  It was my opinion that athletic pursuits got in the way with my intellectual pursuits.  So, growing up, I was always the last one picked for teams at recess or during gym period.
  • I am flat-out obsessed with abandoned buildings, and have a very strong desire to explore and photograph them whenever possible.
  • After spending 4 long years getting dressed-up in boarding school, I refuse to wear anything dressy, regardless of the occasion.
  • Growing up, I was not very popular, and few people knew me.  My entire life, through adulthood, I never received any cards or letters on valentines day.  Though one valentines day I opened the mailbox to find an oddly addressed envelope.  I opened the envelope only to realize that it was a jury summons for me.
  • My first serious job was as an Emergency Medical Technician / Firefighter; certification that has allowed me to be employed almost anywhere I go.  I even worked as an EMT in New York City for a little over a year.
  • All through school, I had a 99% average in Science class, except for my senior year; my senior year Chemistry teacher hated me.  Throughout my school years, I had straight A’s in English class.
  • For whatever reason, the only girls I ever found romantic interest in had dark hair, and were shorter than me.  While all my friends were always chasing tall blondes, I was always looking for a short dark-haired girl.
  • I was always an avid note-taker.  I generally write down anything that floats into my mind, if it captures my interest or attention.  I even had a written and typed shit list.

13 responses to “A Few Random Things About Me”

  1. Love it. 🙂 Although it makes me kind of sad that you’ve never received any cards or letters on V-day, I have to admit that I got a good giggle out of the idea of 6th-grade you searching desperately for radioactive material. lol

    • I got a good giggle out of the idea of 6th-grade you searching desperately for radioactive material.

      Oh if you only knew how I was as a kid…! The Big Bang Theory television show accurately portrays my life experience.

  2. These are very intriguing things about you, Now I know why you like going out and taking pictures of very old buildings. Just curious, do you also do a little research about the abandoned buildings you have explored and taken photographs of?

  3. You have a strong personality. I’m an introvert too. I have a huge phobia for crowd. but I’m a friendly person.

  4. You really cool with science, I also believe in dark gals with shining skin as they tend to be more romantic

  5. Strong and independent personality. I can relate because I am also an introvert. I really love being different than being the same like most people do.

  6. I guess we all have our preferences in everything.. Everyone has a past and to put those details down is an advantage.. Most people don’t keep notes that keep details of their past and their memories fade with the passage of time

  7. Very well written out story detailing who you are. After reading these few things about you, I fell like I already know who you are. Very honest.

  8. Its great to know you. There is something amazing about introverts, most of them always end up being great writers Maybe because they spend a lot of time on their own and do a lot of self-reflection.

  9. I can totally see your obsession with abandoned buildings, by looking at your photos. I think all artists are similar in writing notes whenever an idea pops up. I think many artists feel like an outsider as well.

  10. Thanks for sharing these things about yourself. I am also an introvert and I can pretty much relate to you when it comes to socializing.

  11. I have read a few of your post and now I am reading your bio data if you will. I do not know you personally but it has been a blast in knowing you via things you share.

  12. Thanks for sharing these lovely facts about you! Actually, I’m also an introvert and athletics isn’t also my forte. I really like what you shared, it felt like we are friends!

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