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A Haunting Refrain

May 2007

14 responses to “A Haunting Refrain”

  1. Well it is not dark yet but we always have things that haunt us. In my case it is my regrets but it is part of life I guess. It is up to us to either surpass our issues or be brought down by it.

  2. Looking at this from another angle, the bird just landed from a blue sky. Lovely concept man.

  3. The picture is very unique. I love how you pick the topics and the work you do with the colors.

  4. I love the caption. It really personifies the pigeon and sets the spotlight on him. The clouds and the sky have lots of depth as well.

  5. I like the majestic bird at the top of this wall, what I don’t like is that the wall looks stained or musty apparently.

  6. For some reason, despite the rather bright tones in the picture, I feel somewhat sad. Maybe it’s the pigeon which makes it so.

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