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July 25, 1989

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

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I have in progress a longer letter to you, but decided to get this one off promptly in response to yours of 11 July, because the longer one may take a few more days to assemble.

Thanks for the enclosures about John.  (I am not familiar with the other fellow mentioned in the article.)  You are correct that the photo of John does not resemble the boulevardier and raconteur we both remember fondly.  In this picture he resembles the actor Myron McCormick.  (“The Hustler”; all he asked for was a little place with about four pool tables and a little handbook on the side.  Do you remember?)  However, John did acknowledge that he might be an ounce or two over what he weighed in high school.

Spoke with Bill James on the phone today.  He said that John’s lawyer was not the lady whose name I gave you, for one of those reasons that calls for grinding teeth: John made a will through the firm that represented him in his suit against his ex-wife.  He had a brawl with the firm because for all the money he paid them, they accomplished nothing.  Jeanne won all the cases until John represented himself in the last one.  But when he broke with the firm, he neglected to cancel the will he had made that appointed them administrator of his estate.  He wanted the lady lawyer to have the assignment, but it was too late when he remembered it.  He was in and out of consciousness.  So the firm of Catron, Catron & Sawtell will be the administrators.

I am so a subscriber of SFCT, and will contribute to his memorial.  For the time being I prefer to hold off if you may be able to provide more details.

My next letter will include comments on your comments on the authors of your youth, your friend Hugh Wilson, the Rancho Seco/Lilco fiascoes, and other subjects you mentioned.  In the meantime, SEMPER PORHOEGDUS!

Fred C. (Pending) Dobbs

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