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A Notebook For Every Purpose


Recently, I resumed the arduous task of going through the contents of my fathers estate, and came across a collection of small bound notebooks.  I never realized just how much my late father and I had in common, until just recently.  As it turns out, he was an avid note-taker like me, and like me, had the compulsion to over-document his ideas, plans, and experiences.


Unfortunately, his notebooks are filled with diagrams, schematics, and very high-end scientific mathematical equations that I do not understand.  Brilliant work, indeed, but of course, when he was alive I asked him about the contents of his notebooks, and what he was working on at the time.  Of course, he would always stop working on his project and proceed to put the notebooks away, and after placing them back on the shelf, would explain to me that their contents are not at all important.  It seems as if he wanted me to explore my own path in life, instead of following in his footsteps.


Sometimes I wish I had been a little more persistent about my fathers life work.  He had a notebook for every purpose, regardless of how small or insignificant.  Perhaps this is a trait that I inherited from my father, even though I cannot recall a single instance in which he told me to keep a written notebook, or to create documentation of my life experience.


I hope someday I will be able to figure out what my father was documenting in his many notebooks, the contents of which are far and beyond my comprehension.  Perhaps some mysteries are best left unsolved.  Maybe if I am lucky, given enough time and research, I might be able to decipher what all of these notes mean.

In loving memory of my father, Dr. Harvey L. Slatin, PhD.

14 responses to “A Notebook For Every Purpose”

  1. I’m very sorry for your loss. It must be very eye opening though to finally see your father’s work. I’m sure it could be a source of inspiration once you translate its contents.

  2. It must have been so important for your dad. The things written in his notebook are something he loves. It looks related to electrical set up or something.

  3. It looks like a diary of some sort. A memory of your father at that? Well I hope you learn from it and implement what you get in your your own life. Sorry for your loss.

  4. I had a father like yours too with so much written on his diary but unfortunately we the kids can’t seem to really understand the content of the diaries. I hope with time you will be able to understand them.

  5. I keep a note of everything, but do not manage to find it whenever needed. Ha..Ha. However, its a good habit to keep a note of everything. In that way, you will not miss out on anything.

  6. This notebook of your father is an inspiration. The content of images and formula of something that’s like a sort of invention. It seems like a work of a genius.

  7. At a time when almost everyone uses a mobile device to document anything and everything, it is inspiring to know that some people still appreciate good ‘old writing in notebooks. This is your dad’s legacy. It may come with mathematical formulas and electrical schematics that only a few may understand, but it is still a gem by today’s standards.

  8. Even my own parents had their own books,it just like an inspiration to me. I will also have my write up that will inspired my kids too.

  9. Must’ve been very nostalgic. Bet you felt that sense of connection with your dad again, as you go througg his notebook.

  10. Great similarities there between you and your dad. Maybe it was something that was in his genes and he transferred to you.

  11. You are so lucky that you have something physical that you can use to cherish your father’s memories. Sometimes we only have the memories of those we loved but they left us.

  12. Your father was indede a genius..the notes may contain some mathematical equation of some sort for inventing a device or something.. I hope I’m not talking gibberish..I’m inspired though.. I may have to keep some small notes that will hold some important details of my life and some projects im working on

  13. Seems like your father had this records management skills. He’s great in recordkeeping system rather than just the records alone. You need to do the same to safekeep all things you’ve got now.

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