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A View From Above

October 2018

11 responses to “A View From Above”

  1. Nice high angle shot. It must be fun to play around with all the different view points.

  2. The blue sky is so lovely,it helps give this photo a different color effect. This is so beautiful.

  3. All I see is the beautiful blue sky..I love the way the sky was captured..nice one

  4. The backdrop of the sky against the ruined building is quite unusual, a juxtaposition of calm and chaos. Quite a jarring and powerful shot.

  5. I can see in the picture that it’s a really warm and nice day, Too bad that it looks like an abandoned place and there’s no one living there to enjoy it.

  6. The building is a huge fire hazard just by the looks of its awning. The sky looks beautiful though.

  7. Wow, the background sky outline is amazing. It gives the photo such an outstanding look.

  8. Its god you took this aerial shot, because its shows how much of a mess the roof is. Needs urgent attention or otherwise it will collapse in.

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