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A Viking In The Parking Lot

July 2017

19 responses to “A Viking In The Parking Lot”

  1. This is a very wonderful statue. This art work was careful carved, I wonder if it is made of wood and how long it would have taken the craft man or men to finish this piece of art.

  2. This is a wonderful work of art. I wonder if this statue is made of wood and how long it took the craftsman or men to finish this piece of art.

  3. That’s one hunky viking! Look at that grizzly beard. He has a very pious presence even though he’s made of wood.

  4. Whaoo, art it beautiful but like this can be scary at night. I am sure the structure behind is for art. Looks so real

  5. Whaooo this is a cool and well carved sculpture. Thanks for the professional output giving.

  6. This is a raw professionalism. The craft is perfectly done, the picture is carefully taken. Everything works just perfect

  7. This is an outstanding shot capturing the whole essence of this photo. This looks more like an art work. It was professionally done.

  8. The statue appears to be forming a few cracks. I think the elements are getting the better of it.

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