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Abandoned Conrail Caboose

Abandoned Conrail Caboose

March 2011

13 responses to “Abandoned Conrail Caboose”

  1. The ConRail is abandoned for real. But I believe if given an extra touches will make it look good than ever. Nice and clean photography work.

  2. Really looks like an abandoned train. Most of this abandoned equipments are stronger than the new ones we have now.

  3. That caboose would have been a brighter blue color in its day. Now it’s just full of rust after such a long time of service. I wonder how many adventures has it been to?

  4. The image allows me to think that it is unlikely that this train will leave it abandoned, it would be good to be able to repair it for good use.

  5. It allows me to appreciate a train in poor condition, it is possible that it can be repaired, and it would also be very useful and necessary to put it into operation.

  6. An old model train??? This should be in a museum or something. Sure it may not run anymore but hey at least it is a good memory/ period piece.

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