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Abandoned GMC Truck

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16 responses to “Abandoned GMC Truck”

  1. What!! This shouldn’t be abandoned because the body are far stronger than todays cars. Let pink my car get hold of this and see a strong transformation. Lovely effect

  2. This truck looks like my grandpa’s truck still parked in the garage. It’s a priceless gift I tell you

  3. Well, it looks totally abandoned with a car that appears to be badly damaged. But maybe this car can still have a good value especially for people who like to collect old cars.

  4. I bet this is one of the nicest car if this is still in shape. If I can afford this one, I will purchase and restore it.

  5. It doesn’t even look like it’s abandoned. It’s like someone just left it there for some time.

  6. That’s a hardcore make!! Really love the black and white and raw imagery. This shot’s got lots of pizzazz!

  7. The owner of this truck left so fast that he forgot to close the door, but why leave it abandoned in the middle of nature? or maybe she was the victim of a crime.

  8. I wonder why this car was just left there. And it seems to have been abandoned for a long time.

  9. A good idea might be to restore this. What does it look like in its glory days? I guess we will never find out huh???Good and intriguing shot I say.

  10. I would really appreciate it if someone will try to restore such beauty. I do hope someone will make this truck his/her project.

  11. This should be a classic shot and you made it one too. Would it be better to have a shot like this left in the museum. it will be nice.

  12. I think the abandonment is due to old fashion. Well the truth remains that the truck is stronger than the new ones now.

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