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Abandoned Home With An Unplayed Piano


December 2015

26 responses to “Abandoned Home With An Unplayed Piano”

  1. Wow, I’m wondering why somebody would left the piano nehind, they could had sold it or donated.

  2. I used to play piano back in highschool. If this were to be donated, I would really love to have this and will have it repaired.

  3. A house like that, with an unplayed piano, must have a curious history. It sounds to me like something else happened there.

  4. This piano for sure played beautiful music before it was abandoned. Looks really old now. Every single shot tells a story, nice work of art.

  5. The interior looks more damaged that the exterior. What could have happened to this lovely structure? I feel the fresh air in that area

  6. That’s one of those old school style pianos. It’s a relic we rarely get to see anymore

  7. Some serious renovation would be needed to make this house habitable again. It would also cost a ton of money.

  8. I have noticed you like taking photos of abandoned buildings. It’s kind of your signature style.

  9. The design of this abandoned home looks good, I love the style. But I noticed the interior is really damaged. Looks like something happened inside this home

  10. It’s always sad to see a beautiful house abandoned. Beats me what circumstances could have led to this.

  11. You are getting better in talking pictures of abandoned buildings. This is becoming a real treat for us. Thank you so much!

  12. Eerie contrast with the piano and the home in shambles. I’m sure there could be many interesting takes from outside sources as to what went down here.

  13. As someone who loves piano. I would bring this to church first considering how old the house is better safe than sorry. Call it superstition but I do not wanna carry something that I cannot control on my way out. I am better off buying a new one instead.

  14. This is a very cute house. It just need to be repainted and fix. I could live here. Nice shot Tom!

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