April 2015

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22 thoughts on “Abandoned Hunting Trailer

  1. This is a mobile home, the last time I saw this is in a movie. Badly abandoned, rusting . Nice output Tom, you brought life kind of to this feature

  2. This abandoned hunting trailer can still be recycled.. Nice shot tom..I hope someone do something about the trailer

  3. That trailer looks very creepy, ad the fact that it’d in the middle of the nothig makes it even more scary.

  4. It is mysterious to be walking through the forest and find an abandoned trailer, not knowing why it is there, or what happened to the passengers.

  5. This has the same Aesthetic as that car photo earlier? Perhaps it is just me. Anyway, Yeah this is creepy. Considering that you are in the middle of nowhere from the looks of it.

  6. This would have been frustrating for the hunter, getting your hunting trailer stuck and maybe unable to accomplish your mission can be really annoying.

  7. I wonder why on earth this multimillion worth hunting trailer is abandoned. Nice picture output.

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