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Abandoned Swimming Pool


January 2016

14 responses to “Abandoned Swimming Pool”

  1. Woow, it looks nasty and creepy. I love that you are very adventurous and visit places that npt other people would visit.

  2. I always love to take a swim but this one will be repelling to me. It doesn’t look inviting at all.But still a good photo.

  3. If this swimming pool is to be restored, I. believe this will be one of the most beautiful swimming pool. Everything really needs have a proper care for it to last long.

  4. Its really an abandoned swimming pool..I wonder what happened to the real owners..great shot

  5. I really like the graffiti on the wall around the pool. It must have been a very cool swimming pool.

  6. I may have to clean this up if I wanna get into it. I am not into public pools or rather I’m cautious to it.

  7. Though its old, the swimming doesn’t look that bad. Just a few make up here and there and it will look great.

  8. This is an interesting photo. I think it is very cool when you photograph abandon resorts. Once places with so much history and joy, I would love to see so many of them restored, and I know sometimes your work has lead to restoration efforts (or developers at least contacting you, such as the one regarding the locomotive that you photographed).

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