House Rules

Coming to visit us at our home? Wonderful! Before you get comfy, please take a look at our house rules. Don’t worry, they’re not super strict or anything—they’re just here to make sure everyone gets along and keeps our home nice and peaceful.

  • We do not allow smoking or vaping of any kind inside our home. If you wish to smoke or vape, we ask that you do so outside.
  • Possession or use of illegal drugs is not allowed anywhere on our property. Use or possession of marijuana is allowed, in accordance with Vermont law.
  • Alcohol of any kind is not allowed inside our house or anywhere on the property.
  • Disrespectful speech of any kind, including comments based on race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status such as disability, age, marital and family status, sexual orientation and gender identity, health status, place of residence, economic or social situations.
  • Soliciting of any kind is prohibited.
  • The house and property are clothing optional.
  • Do not block the neighbors right-of-way which runs through the back side of the property.
  • No unattended fires of any kind. Campfires are only allowed within the designated fire pit.
  • Hunting and trapping is prohibited on the property. Fishing is allowed with a valid Vermont fishing license.
  • Target shooting is allowed by permission only. Firearms must be unloaded and stored securely while inside the house.
  • No parking in front of the garage door or in such a way that blocks driveway loop access.
  • The possession and/or use of fireworks of any kind is strictly prohibited on our property.
  • Please remove any outdoor shoes upon entering our house.

Gigabit Wi-Fi is available for our guests, throughout our house and property. The password will be provided to you upon arrival.

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