HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

April 30, 1992

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

Finally recovered from our trip, and seem to have brought No. One Stepson’s publication needs under control. Took some time.

Latest Valley Voice enclosed. As you can see, your goal is clearly defined. All so-called “major” candidates have fallen far behind. The American People cry out for The Little People’s Party.

Your acceptance speech can be delivered from the front steps of Osterhout’s Tavern if the weather isn’t too cold in November. Otherwise, inside the tavern. Keep it short so the beer can start flowing pretty quick.

We Visited some old friends in Tucson, then went all the way down into deepest Arizona to a town called Bisbee, where copper was mined. The open pits are still there, big and deep. We stayed in a “guest house” that used to be the carriage house of one of the mine biggies. Had a good time. The owner used to live near Sacramento, and treated us like family. Two good restaurants there, too. It’s slowly turning artsy-craftsy, but most of it is still the way it used to be when the mines were working.

The weather is warming up, and we wish it wouldn’t. Reached over 90 the other day, then back down into the 80’s. Ninety-three forecast for next Sunday. We’re planning another trip before summer really closes in, this time to Idaho. Then that will be all for 1992. During the summer we stay inside with the air conditioner on, and go outside only after dark. Who would want to live anyplace else?

Will now take this to the P O, and treat myself to a sasparilla at the drug store, and pick up all the local gossip we missed while we were away. The only way to keep up. The Bee prints nothing but misinformation. Furthermore, they haven’t mentioned your name even once.

Regards to Anne and Thomas.

Fred C. (“Spin Doctor”) Dobbs

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