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December 2017

19 responses to “Acerose”

  1. Acerose is a leaf from a pine tree if I’m not mistaken. Look at the simplicity of this photo, I just captured.

  2. This looks beautiful to me. You are beginning to make me appreciate white and black background the more. I love this shot.

  3. First time to hear such a type of a leaf. Besides the beautiful shot, I have also learnt a new term.

  4. It took me time to notice that it’s a photo and not a drawing. Looks too real and clear. An amazing shot there.

  5. For a pine subject this is a good shot. Again that white and black motif does not suit it sorry.

  6. A unique work of art that brings out an amazing shot. I love all your photos as they are always so unique.

  7. The image might look simple but it has lot of details. I like the idea of taking the snap.

  8. Such a very clear and sharp, well defined picture. It’s not easy to do so in black and white pictures, yet here you have captured it very perfectly.

  9. There’s something about black and white photos that just makes them stand out. This is no exception.

  10. I can tell you have very good lenses just from the quality of this photo. It’s nothing short of impressive.

  11. Great job making something as simple as a feather into art. That’s the sign of a true artist.

  12. Oh wow, with this quality of photography you should start a photography school. You’re very much talented.

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