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Renowned Getty Images contributor, Thomas Slatin shares some highlights of his photography work spanning the last decade.

Accomplished urban exploration, and adventure photographer Thomas W.P. Slatin continues to share his passion for photography this week, as he discusses his most memorable photographs of 2014. Next week, Slatin’s work and the weekly article will be focused on Vermont, and the amazing level of beauty found here, which he is documenting through his stunning photography. Not only is Slatin passionate about urban exploration and adventure photography, he shares that same love and dedication for photographing people and animals through his portrait photography, as well as documenting nature’s beauty, consisting of beautiful landscapes often focused on New York and the New England states.

Slatin took the time this week to share some of his highlights from 2014 in an interview. Slatin recalls his happiest time of 2014, which consisted of a trip to San Antonio, Texas.

Slatin states, “It was my first time there. I photographed the streets of San Antonio, Texas, and when connecting with people who I met along the way, I took a portrait of a man who referred to himself and his persona as “Hispanic Elvis.” He was more than happy to pose for this picture. I also spotted an interesting toy machine that injection molds toys to order at the San Antonio Zoo. I like how the black and white treatment gives it a vintage look.”

Recalling his “best landscape” photograph of 2014, “it was in seemingly middle of nowhere in New Hampshire, states Slatin. It was a railroad bridge in the mountains of New Hampshire. The lighting during that time of day was wonderful, and the resulting pictures were stunning.”

Slatin discussed spotting a toad in the forest while hiking in New Hampshire, and his very close-up photograph of the toad created a beautiful image, depicting the toad in his or her natural environment. “I was surprised at just how beautiful the resulting image was when taken so close-up.” Every being has beauty. When Slatin refers to his work as “adventure photography” that includes beautiful landscapes and beautiful beings, whom he encounters along the way through happenstance, in addition to photographing unique buildings and properties while exploring.

Continuing, “In 2014, I also photographed the Pines Hotel in South Fallsburg, New York. At the time, the hotel still had a lot of the original rooms still setup, and most of the hotel still contained many of the original sporting and recreational items.”

Additionally, I photographed the Tamarack Hotel near South Fallsburg, New York.”

What did Thomas Slatin appreciate the most about 2014, in addition to being able to do work he loves as a photographer and writer? “In 2014, I did a lot of networking and branching out, expanding my horizons by meeting people and at times, asking them if they knew of any abandoned or forgotten places. 2014 taught me about patience, and the importance of waiting for people to respond to requests for property access.

Continuing, “Additionally, I learned how to balance the sky against the buildings that I was photographing, and concerning a technical aspect of photography, how to properly meter the exposure to not only show an impressive sky, but to also show a great deal of architectural detail.

Slatin photographed all of his images in 2014 with a Canon PowerShot SX280 HS, with the exception of The Tamarack Hotel, which was photographed with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Check back next Thursday to see stunning images of Vermont in the early fall, which will be shared by Slatin through his imagery and via interview. It is interesting to note that Slatin’s some of Slatin’s ancestors hailed from Vermont, and which is in part why, according to Slatin, he has “always loved and appreciated the New England states, especially Vermont in all its beauty and splendor.”

Slatin’s extensive photographs and writings may be viewed on

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  1. Another terrific review! I am not the only one who appreciates your beautiful and thoughtful work! LOL!!
    You are moat certainly appreciated by many! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

  2. Great that Tom had the chance to visit San Antonio, New Hampshire and Vermont to pursue his passions. Tom finds the beauty in anything whether it’s a forest, animal, torn down house, train or vintage car. He certainly loves to capture many types of scenery, which makes his work very versatile and a pleasure to follow.

  3. Indeed magnificent he took his time seeing the beautiful sights in San Antonio. The place where he learned so much especially being patient. Its like he saw the history of the place through its people. It is where he learned to expands his horizon.

  4. I really love the frog picture! There’s a certain composition in it that looks so random yet still looks as if Mother Nature painted that particular scene just for you to capture.

  5. Not only is Slatin passionate about urban exploration and adventure photography, he shares that same love and dedication for photographing people and animals. Yeah, you really have the passion

  6. I hate frogs but got to admit these are stunning. Is that an Elvis cosplay? Very good compilation I would say even if most of it are destroyed stuff? Good job!!!

  7. I love some of the pictures presented here, always interesting and amazing. But for that frog, I felt really goosebumps at it.

  8. You are really an adventurous photographer, you go an extra miles to give us unique photis that can only come from a versatile photographer.

  9. What an interesting collection, you can see a bit of everything but what i like most is the varity of topics and how you got to shot places that are about to dissapear.

  10. You do have a good number of quality pictures under your name. You do produce very stunning and quality detailed images.

  11. Well, it looks like all of these images have become Thomas’s distinctive features as an adventure photographer. I never doubt the quality of all the images as they are always amazing!

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