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Adventures In The Afterlife

Adventures In The Afterlife is an unfinished novel by Harvey L. Slatin; here is the first page of the novel.
Download a free copy here.

Adventures in the Afterlife
Chapter 1
Entering the Afterlife
Bobby wakes up and finds himself blinded by a strong white translucent, glaring light, bathed by a dense white fog. There is a strong sweet smell of flowers and the pleasant heady aroma pleases him.
When the sun burns away the fog, he sees he is in the cemetery garden, but it is unlike the garden he saw when he was living.
I know I am dead yet I have a strange feeling of being alive. My body seems weightless, and I still sense its mass.  A disembodied voice spoke out.
“Robert, you were recently buried, and you are thinking of your former life. You are dead and in another universe.”
“And who are you? Where are you?”
“I am your Guardian Angel. You can’t see me because you do not remember what I look liked when you knew me. I can see you because I remember what you looked like years ago. Search your memory bank until you recall a time when you saw me. Then I will be visible to you. I suggest a memorable occasion, your wedding day.” After a few minutes, The image of his angel appeared.
“You must rid yourself of the codes, rules, regulations, standard of you former life: you are no longer a part of it: you are in a new environment: a different universe with different laws, rules, regulations and standards.”
Good thing my Guardian Angel is here to guide me.
Download a free copy here.

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