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After The Gold Rush

After The Gold Rush

June 2019

10 responses to “After The Gold Rush”

  1. Can this be rightly called the bloom because of how green and natural this is. I just love to see nature at its best.

  2. Tom,I was hoping to see something else when I saw the caption..I don’t understand the correlation between the title and the picture

  3. Wow, are those goldenrod? I am not sure if we have them where I live, but they’re really pretty and really adds to the mellow atmosphere of the picture.

  4. These are amazing tres, it must be beautifull to live in a place surronder by all that Green.

  5. This will be a very lovely shade. I’m sure all the coolness one needs to keep the body relaxed will be gotten from here.

  6. These trees are so tall. They make the house look so small. I wonder who would be living here.

  7. I couldn’t match the title with the picture. But on the bright side, I do like your photo. What filter did you use to have this effect on the colors?

  8. There is something about green trees and vegetation that gets me excited. This photo has that unique element.

  9. Its such a perfect weather for an outdoor adventure. Its one of those days you want to explore.

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