• jolly555

    Can this be rightly called the bloom because of how green and natural this is. I just love to see nature at its best.

  • Obalade Damilola

    Tom,I was hoping to see something else when I saw the caption..I don’t understand the correlation between the title and the picture

  • esgyll

    Wow, are those goldenrod? I am not sure if we have them where I live, but they’re really pretty and really adds to the mellow atmosphere of the picture.

  • brainedet

    This will be a very lovely shade. I’m sure all the coolness one needs to keep the body relaxed will be gotten from here.

  • Aldoso

    I couldn’t match the title with the picture. But on the bright side, I do like your photo. What filter did you use to have this effect on the colors?

  • Janet James

    There is something about green trees and vegetation that gets me excited. This photo has that unique element.

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