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Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wilson Pratt Slatin

February 17, 2004

American Kennel Club
5580 Centerview Drive
Raleigh, North Carolina 27606-3390

Dear Sir or Madam:

It was with great enthusiasm that the postman delivered your correspondence in regards to our dachshund’s induction into the American Kennel Club. My wife and I were so overwhelmed with the good news that we hastily opened the envelope only to discover a very disheartening and critical error on the certificate.

Needless to mention that it was to our complete and total horror and disappointment that the certificate noted that our dachshund, Oswald, has been registered to a Diane Slatin & Thomas Slatin. It is my understanding that someone has made a bewildering error on the certificate and we wish to have it re-printed immediately. My wife and I are completely astounded that after I clearly wrote Angie on the form in their respective boxes that someone might have completely misunderstood the application and blind-sightedly entered in a name that doesn’t even remotely resemble Angie.

We wish to have the situation rectified immediately, and we request that you reprint a certificate for our dachshund and have it sent to us as soon as possible. The certificate should note that our dog is registered to Angie Slatin and Thomas Slatin.

Enclosed is a color photocopy of the recent certificate we received this morning.


Thomas W. P. Slatin

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