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Albert Einstein Quote


“A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is not what it is built for.”–Albert Einstein

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  1. That’s true..a ship is not built to be at the shore although it is safe their but it is built to navigate waters and travel across oceans where their is great danger..It is built to overcome this dangers..

  2. Yea, safety is always guaranteed at shore but the main purpose is for it to sailed and get people and goods across,which is a bit risky.

  3. Like us, we need to go out from our comfort zone to discover new things. There is a beautiful world outside.

  4. This post quote is true, but a ship has to cruise the waters frequently to serve its purpose. What would be of importance?

  5. Great quote. If you don’t risk you will never achieve your goals and purpose in life.

  6. If you never try things out you will never know your strengths. Failure is part of success.

  7. When we keep on staying in our comfort zone we might not grow as a person. We must open our minds to all the possibilities and opportunities that might come our way.

  8. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to manifest your purpose. If you remain in your comfort zone you will not become what you were meant to be.

  9. Definitely true, most things can be safe somewhere but that’s not their duty. Their duty might not be specific but it sure be helpful.

  10. Einstein was brilliant about putting life lessons into words. This one is important because it tells us to get out of our comfort zones and be courageous in finding new things.

  11. very inspiring if you get the quote. It’s not good to be at your comfort zone. It’s good to move out cause that’s what you are for.

  12. Itotally agree. I think there are times to stay at the confort zone, but that should be short periods only. Life is made to be lived not to be comfortable.

  13. Very wise words from an equally wise man. Albert Einsten has and will always be my muse.

  14. This quote is very insightful. People must push themselves to accomplish more and never be contented.

  15. I love Albert Einstein quotes. This basically tells us to go forth and face the challenges that the world presents to us without fear.

  16. This is the most inspirational quote I have read in a while. Never be happy with what you have or where you are – always strive to achieve more and get better.

  17. Most of us are playing safe in life, that’s why many people don’t succeed. We need to take risk, make mistakes to learn and grow.

  18. I see this as seeing more to life. A friend said to me before. A woman’s life is just to be born, study and have a family. The notion that a girl once becomes a mom its over. Unfortunately it is not. The dreams we have shows this.

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