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Alrik Koudenburg Quote


“To be outstanding—get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” –Alrik Koudenburg

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  1. This is a very deep quote. For one person to standout, he must be friend with his own insecurities.

  2. “get comfortable with being uncomfortable…” seriously confused. Meaning always looking for peoples negative side of view…..Woooowwwww

  3. We do have this kind of behavior where we tend to get uncomfortable when faced with a lot of situations where we either get embarrassed or humiliated. The confidence of being able to endure it is easily a trait of outstanding people who didn’t back down from what they believe and feel is right.

  4. I quite agree with be outstanding means to sacrifice your comfort..nothing good comes easy..

  5. This still points to being uncomfortable in a place that is not befitting for one Strive harder to succeed wherever you are.

  6. I agree with this quote but I also think that you should also focus on your strengths. I know that you will learn a lot by doing what is uncomfortable but focusing on your strengths rather than weaknesses will make you become more successful.

  7. The race is never for the lazy minds, to win all rounder you need to launch out and keep your eyes on the prize no matter how inconvenience it will be for you.

  8. Being comfortable at uncomfortable place is leaving comfort zone four the other. Thanks for this quote.

  9. As my old man says always ” BE A COWBOY” meaning be flexible and prepared for most if not all situations. Be flexible and adapt wherever you are.

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