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André Malraux Quote

“In literature, as in love, one is often astonished by what is chosen by others.” —André Malraux

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  1. It’s not only in love where this applies. I think the choices of others have an impact in our own choices in the other facets of our own lives.

  2. Yes when it comes to love people have their choice and can write their own words differently. Definitely, it will sometimes surprise others in their love plans.

  3. For me, when it comes to love and literature, all is very unpredictable and everything is possible.

  4. You can never choose who you love. However, once you do it is now a choice if it will work or not. In terms of literature this is a topic than is always being explored.

  5. We all have different definition of what love is. However, love and literature are both beautiful things.

  6. When it comes to love..we have no just happens to us..we don’t get to choose who we have feelings for

  7. Different strokes for different folks.We make our choices according to what we love.I chose wisely all the same.

  8. I agree with the simple truth of this quote. Sometimes, life is always so surprising in ways we cannot imagine to each of our own choices, and the choices of others.

  9. Interetsing quote but very thoughtful one. You always find what others discovered totaly out of this world.

  10. In literature just like in love you have to discover for yourself. You make your rules as you get by, which my differ from the other people’s.

  11. The best thing about love and literature is that you have the freedom to make your rules and break them. You are the boss of your game.

  12. A well thought out quote. In other words, as with love, in literature, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

  13. These words are so much true. Literature is like art and what someone finds artistic another person may not.

  14. Everyone has a way of seeing things differently from other people. It’s this diversity that makes humanity so special 🙂

  15. I love this quote. We may be surprised what other people consider good literature compared to what we consider the same.

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