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This online exhibit features Thomas Slatin’s personal collection of obscure curiosities.  These items are part of a personal, permanent collection, and are not for sale.  Questions, and comments are welcome; simply fill out the form below. Press and media inquiries should be directed to tom@tomslatin.com.

12 thoughts on “Antique Instrument Case

  1. I love how these old boxes are made to stand the test of time and still remain in pristine condition. I guess it came from an era where quality was the only exception.

  2. I just love antique stuff and this one is no exception. It looks so beautiful! I wish people would continue to make these stuff. Thank you for sharing!

  3. You posted the picture of this instrument case on your blog last week..its truly priceless…I love it

  4. I’m sure this will always remain in your home forever. It will remind you of your childhood memories.

  5. It seem you have truckloads of permanent collections. You are really inspiring me to start keeping some collections.

  6. This is a smart way to preserve your work for posterity. Future generations will also be able to appreciate it.

  7. It’s a good gesture to share your wonderful collection with the world. Thanks so much for this.

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