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Thomas W.P. Slatin

Accomplished photographer Thomas W.P. Slatin publishes an art photography book focusing on some of his best work spanning a decade.

A unique, technically stunning, urban exploration, art photography book entitled, “Entropy” is now available online through and, thanks to writer and photographer Thomas W.P. Slatin. Thomas Slatin is known for his unique photography and his contributions as an engaging writer on his award winning blog, His art photography book, “Entropy” contains approximately 100 photographs. The photographs were hand selected by Slatin, after deciding upon his “top picks” out of “literally thousands of possible photographs. It took several months to make the selections,” according to photographer, and now author Thomas Slatin.

Continuing, “My motivation for publishing the book was a culmination of many years of taking pictures. One of my goals since childhood was to publish my own book, and while my written book has yet to be completed, putting together a book of photography was both rewarding as well as fun.”

Slatin utilized several different Canon digital SLR cameras for this book, “as my work has evolved over the years, so did my cameras,” as the photographs were taken from 2008 to 2019. Most of the photographs in the art photography book, “Entropy” are color images, comprised of an estimated 10% of the book’s images appearing as black and white images.

Slatin spoke of his “love for using medium and large format film,” and has plans to produce a book consisting of his film photography one day in the future. “One of my ideas for a forthcoming book would be to do one book containing images taken with my medium format, 120mm film camera, and yet another containing images taken with my large format 4×5 inch camera.” Continuing, “The cost of film as well as production costs along with the time consuming process of digitizing pictures taken with larger format film has delayed production significantly. One day though, I hope to publish at least one film photography based, art photography book.”

Slatin focuses on multiple genres of photography, although he is most known for his work in the urban exploration space. One can find his work on and iStock by Getty Images. Thomas W.P. Slatin also focuses on beautiful landscape, locomotive and portrait photography of people and animals thriving in their element.

Slatin is motivated “to seek adventure, travel to new places in search of things and places that most never see.” He is also motivated by “a sense of nostalgia,” as his father physicist and inventor, Dr. Harvey L. Slatin loved taking photographs everywhere he went.

Slatin stated in a recent interview, “My father would always involve me in the process (of photography) of loading film, taking pictures, and then developing the film and print making.” My focus on photographing abandoned places is a reflection of my own life, having been on my own in one way or another from a very early age. In a sense, my photography of abandoned and forgotten places is a reflection of my longing for home as a child. I was sent away to summer camp at age 12, and shortly thereafter, I was sent to boarding school. I even attended college several states away, so my life and photography has always been centered around exploring new places.”

His art photography book is receiving positive reviews, which may be found at

Thomas W.P. Slatin’s book, “Entropy” is available for purchase in hardcover format in two sizes, and as an ebook at and on Amazon.

A proceeding article based on an interview with Slatin, revisits his childhood, growing up on Bank Street in Manhattan. Before the age of even entering the double digits, Thomas Slatin met his father’s well known friends, such as Charles Kuralt who encouraged him to pursue work that he loves to do. “I believe that when you take what you love to do, often discovered at a young age, and can turn this into a viable career, this is one of the keys to happiness.”

Obviously for Thomas W.P. Slatin, according to colleagues and through observation, this of course includes merging writing, photography and his love for exploration and travel into a career that he loves.


Written by Lisa Pellegrene

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