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Arthur Meyerson Quote


“I’m a photoholic! I love photography. I love taking photographs. I love looking at photographs. And, some of my best friends are photographers.”
— Arthur Meyerson

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  1. I often listen to one rap song..I can’t remember the name of the rapper now but part of his lyrics is “find something you love and do it everyday”…its always good to follow ones passion

  2. Photography is a not just a good leisure but also a good passion. Following what your hearts desire is your life’s purpose.

  3. I love both photography and photographs too. unfortunately,my friends are not photographers but I love my passion.

  4. I’ll definitely have to add “photoholic” to my vocabulary. I think it gives the most justice to picture fanatics. Thanks for the quote.

  5. I wish I was a photographer as well, but I have no idea about how to doit well and my pics are not the best.

  6. I can tell the person who said this quote lives, eats and drinks photography. It’s good to be passionate about what you like.

  7. If everyone could be this passionate about their interests the world would be a much better place! I love the quote!

  8. Good for you because you are doing what you love most. It is rare these days so to hear something like this is refreshing.

  9. You will always love photography because it a passion for you and everything about you. I love photographs.

  10. You love photography because it is your passion. We are happy if we love what we are doing.

  11. Doing what you love and enjoying it can be therapeutic. It could be a hobby or you can do it to gain money, either way.

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