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Author Kai Beck Reads A Little Ghost For The Offering by Thomas Slatin

Kai Beck

(Remix by Jordan Krumbine)

A Little Ghost For The Offering

31 responses to “Author Kai Beck Reads A Little Ghost For The Offering by Thomas Slatin”

  1. This is interesting to me, a post using audio. I can enjoy it while doing other work. So sad, the tree must be cut down.

  2. Interesting story about a dreaming tree. Well, surely your father will always expect the best for you. The best!

  3. You have got to read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. It’s a children’s book where the protagonist has the exact same experience as you with his own backyard tree. I’m glad the stump is still there, so you can at least appreciate its nostalgia. Thanks for the very moving piece.

  4. This is an interesring piece or write up. I always believe in sacrifice and offerings and my grandmother is doing that. We usually offer a live chicken or goat.

  5. When we are children, we always have someone to trust and how nice it is to have a tree as a confidant, or we can also have confidants as people or animals, how tender it is to hear you makes me happy.

  6. What a sad and emotional story, the good does not last forever and unfortunately everything has its end, it is sad but it is the reality, I would like this not to be so.

  7. The dreaming tree – I love how you named it. The tree who had always listened to your dreams, having been part of your life for quite a long time. It has been so special, as to how other spaces for other people are special. It’s just so sad that nothing lasts forever, only those precious memories that remain.

  8. Sacrifices yield greater days ahead. Helping turn dreams into reality. Lovely picture and I love the voice easy to pick

  9. Okay the story made a lot of sense to me. it was loud and clear.I’m sure your father is smiling down on you, for a work well done

  10. your father will be so proud of you. I am very happy that such occurrence happened. keep up the good work!

  11. Interesting to see how your childhood memories of the dreaming tree reconnect you with your past. It’s even more interesting to hear someone read it aloud.

  12. When you do sacrifice, you pave way for progress. Do the needful. Thanks for this thoughtful post tom.

  13. It’s such a beautiful tree trunk. It looks exactly like a dreaming tree, that once listened to your dreams.

  14. The is the most moving thing I have ever heard written about an inanimate object. Your talent is above par.

  15. It’s clear the tree was a huge part of your life. I am so grateful that you shared your lovely story.

  16. It looks like the maple tree was therapeutic for you. It sure helped you through some hard times.

  17. I find it interesting that you actually used to talk to the tree. it must have been a great listener.

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