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Author Kai Beck Reads A Typical Friday’s Child By Thomas Slatin

Kai Beck

(Remix By Jordan Krumbine)

A Typical Friday’s Child

18 responses to “Author Kai Beck Reads A Typical Friday’s Child By Thomas Slatin”

  1. I like this way of reading your piece, it help one get a clearer picture of your piece. This photo here is cute.

  2. I can remember my childhood days. We always play with my neighbor until sundown.

  3. An iron Acorn??? As I said the audio format is much more understandable he he. I am not much of a reader I guess. Congratulations!!!

  4. I am still at awe with this format. I can understand and feel the emotions clearly. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  5. Beautiful picture Tom, your work is amazing and i’m sure it’s the resul of many years of effort , and of doing what you love.

  6. My childhood days are memorable ones; just so lovely to remember. Not thinking of anything but having fun and eating. Lovely cool picture Thomas.

  7. As usual, you deliver the best. I also like the audios. they are great to listen to.

  8. Whaooo, this is a pretty and nice job from you Tom. I wish this is particularly meant for me. Good work tom, keep it up.

  9. Well, I love my childhood very much though the computer and television wasn’t available. Thomas you are lucky, you’ve got alot of tools to play with.

  10. I really like his voice. It’s so soothing, a perfect match for this reading. I remember my Friday childhood quite vividly.

  11. That photo is an art in an acorn, from my childhood what I liked most was going to the other side of the stream with my friends and playing cooking in the middle of nature.

  12. Great transformation on the blog, now makes the visitors more comfortable to linger here. You can enjoy pictures here while listening to audio.

  13. That climb up the shelf sounds very vigorous. I love your closing message on how things change over time. For me, that’s what makes it interesting. Visiting your childhood home must have brought back so much years later being a new man.

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