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Auto Parts Store

January 2020

25 responses to “Auto Parts Store”

  1. This is a caption that had a lot to tell. Saying how beautiful the sky is in the evening and long functioning store. Lovely pics Tom

  2. This is really a fantastic picture showing little of the blue sky. The jeep still has the engine running, so the entrance will soon be visible

  3. The store environment looks very organised and you had a nice view to shoot this picture. I love the neatness of the whole place.

  4. I guess this was taken either before or after peak hours? I Can tell because the lot is empty. For a car part shop I imagine a lot of people coming in to by accessories and stuff. Nice shot though.

  5. Okay this is something my dad would truly enjoy spending hours inside. Anyway, with regards to the picture itself, everything in it looks so crisp and neat. I really love the composition.

  6. The different lights blend wonderfully in this shot to create an impressive photo. That’s what I call a professional photo!!

  7. I think that car is in the right place, because it looks dirty and may need some auto part to repair it.

  8. As we know that new cars become second-hand, when we use them, they usually need auto parts for repair.

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