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Balance Rock

Balance Rock

June 2019

13 responses to “Balance Rock”

  1. Photo is so amazing. Aside from the rock being the subject, the background has a very nice view too.

  2. Looks like the Excalibur legend! What an awesome photo. The trees and the skyline are so picturesque.

  3. Wow!!! If I am there a selfie with this is not a bad memory to have. Leaning tower of Piza rock version ha ha. Simply magnificent.

  4. This rock is very curious, it looks like it had a a hammer sculpted in one side.

  5. This looks alluring to me. I always loved sharp and very clear pictures just like this. I like this.

  6. The rock is really balanced …I love it..great are interesting to watch

  7. The rock is a reminder of how balanced nature is naturally, without the interference of men. Look so good.

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