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May 26, 1989

Señor y Señora Harvey L. Slatin
78 Main Street
Stamford, New York 12167

Mein Lieber Herr und Dame, freundlichen Grü§en!

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy!  You done it again!  You bought a batch of bargain-basement hardware, and it crashed.  Then your old hardware crashed, probably because it did not like being displaced, and the monitor is in the shop.  Maybe forever.  Things do get lost.

Evidently, your business affairs require far more storage space than I could ever manage to use, unless I decided to put everything in my archives on to a hard disk and throw away all those 5 ¼” and 3 ½” discs that are so much fun to switch around.  And speed seems important.  Not to me, it isn’t — I have all the time in the world — and I enjoy the assorted grinding noise my computer makes as it goes about its business.

I started out with Radio Shack, the TRS-80, Model 4, and have stuck with them since the beginning.  Except for the SEIKOSHA printer, of course.  I checked my local Radio Shack store (there are four of them in Santa Fe) and learned that they had a printer that matched the SEIKOSHA for about $1,000 more.  I called my guru at The Shack, read him the specs and the price, and he said “buy it and tell me how it works.”  I bought it and I told him, and he ordered one for his personal use.

If you had asked me about the Tandy DMP-132, I could have told you it was a nine-pin device.  Just like my DMP-130, the one I have retired from service and am now trying to sell.  The only difference is triple-strike.

“A home without a working computer is like a meal without wine, which is like a day without sunshine.”  Quote me, if you like.

Incidentally, DIP switch 2-7 on the SEIKOSHA, when turned on, gives me a slashed zero, thus: Ø.  Makes for tidier work with numbers.


The enclosed sums up this latest venture into the Realm of the Absurd better than I could do it.  You may have heard that there was a big conference here in Santa Fe, with distinguished scientists of every stripe and from all parts of the country, to argue about whether this thing was for real or not.  I have no idea what conclusions, if any, were reached.  I offered to attend, and to bring samples of the anti-matter I had created in the bathtub, but they turned me down, claiming that what they were doing was “serious science.”  Well, so is my fucking anti-matter, as these skeptics will learn to their sorrow.


The best thing you can do for SFCT right now is renew your membership.  Invest what you can afford.  It seems likely that I will continue to produce the NEWSLETTER, at the invitation of the new Board of Directors that takes over a month hence, so you will continue on our mailing list but only if you pay your annual dues!  Send me a check, payable to SFCT, and I will see that it gets into the proper hands.

Anticipating that I will be doing the NEWSLETTER for some time into the future, I am experimenting with a two-column format to make it look more like news and less like a letter.


Maybe I never told you this before, but what I read mainly is espionage thrillers that I buy in the Family Reading Center of my local supermarket.  i have read two splendid ones recently, if you are into that sort of stuff.  One is “Spy Story,” by Len Deighton, and the other is “October Kill,” by Robert Rostand.  I recommend both.  If you are into that sort of stuff.


Nothing to report from either the legal or the medical fronts.

Fondly, as Always
John K. Herzog
Executive Director
a/k/a/ Howard

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