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Battell Block

Battell Block Building
Middlebury, Vermont, United States

October 2020

15 responses to “Battell Block”

  1. What dies battell mean? is that referring to the building? In ant case this is beautiful. Love the scenery and the vibe overall. Good shot!!!

  2. I am an old soul so I certainly love the building. The location which is accessible to all and the structure itself.

  3. Cool building. I am pretty sure this building witnessed many things. Tragic and happy memory.

  4. I have always read about Middlebury, Vermont, United States from novels and magazines but here is the closest look I have ever seen. This is just unique and beautiful.

  5. This is a perfect shot from you Tom. The picture quality is superb. I really love the output.

  6. Looked up the information about this place, from the link you gave to Richard Woodhouse, and found some information on Joseph Battell, the philanthropist behind the construction of Battell Block.

    Also read a bit more about the man himself. He REALLY hated automobiles, and as the publisher of “The Middlebury Register”, he filled its pages with every ghastly accident involving them, in an attempt to discourage their use. Furthermore, as a conservationist, he bought the surrounding mountains in the area to preserve them for future generations, although I’ve no real idea how successful his efforts were, at this particular point in time.

    He sure had a lot of money to help change the world and the lives of others, and regardless about what some may think about him, I do believe that it is a man’s duty to not just find a vocation (as opposed to a job) that fulfills him, but also to become rich in order to serve the community and the world to a greater degree.

    And I hope that we can all reach that level soon, even though times are a bit tricky right now.

    Stay safe, Tom. God bless.

  7. There is a fantastic story behind the Battle Block, surely we all want to leave a legacy for future generations, and a natural and cultural reserve in the midst of so much industrialization.

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