“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” — Ben Franklin

16 thoughts on “Ben Franklin Quote

  1. Good formula for making fine literature. I think all writers must live a somewhat exciting life to make their work captivating.

  2. Passion plays a part in everything. In writing for example you can tell if the one is writing just for the sake from I suppose those who truly loves it. A writer gives a piece of himself to his craft and it shows to its readers.

  3. Quote on a marble, do what people will appreciate, write and talk about. We can only leave our legacy on the sands of time only this way.

  4. Nice quote…there are lots of writers that publish books that are not worth reading..a good writer writes something worth reading..something people can relate to and gain from

  5. Ben Franklin is one of the great man I respected. Writing something worth reading is a blessing. Like you now Tom, picturing fantastic picture is worth every penny. Great work always Tom

  6. Writting is not eassy, even for the famous writers, but living an exeptional life is something that we all can choose to do.

  7. Now I understand why they say Benjamin Franklin was one of the smartest people to ever live. Such a phenomenal quote can only come from a highly intelligent person.

  8. The quotes you share always inspire me a lot Thomas! Keep up this amazing job and I look forward to even more.

  9. Nowadays it is really hard to write something original or do something that no one has done yet. Thanks for sharing this quote.

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