Best Of Blogs: Moleskine Hacks

  • January 19, 2013

Moleskine® hacks… I use Moleskine® notebooks for all of my writing, so much that I am, in fact, flat-out obsessed with the line of notebooks. The brand is of the absolute highest quality, and far above and beyond anything I have ever seen, or used before. Being an experienced, paid writer, I have used a lot of different notebooks. However, NOTHING in this world even comes close to the quality of a genuine Moleskine®.

Moleskine Place Marker Hack

The first thing I do with any new notebook, or any book for that matter, that has a ribbon marker, is to add a piece of electrical tape to the end to prevent it from fraying. This is hardly a new idea, in fact I was inspired to do this after seeing a pair of shoe laces. By the way, those funny plastic or metal things on the end of shoe laces are called aglets. Alternatively, a drop of glue will essentially prevent fraying also.

Moleskine Book Numbering

I have a growing collection of completed notebooks, so to keep them in order, and to be sure that I have all of them in my collection, I create labels for the bottom of the spine. I made these with a professional label maker, but for those without access to a high-end label maker, a silver marker will work fine as well.

Here are some other hacks and modifications I have noticed recently:

MOLESKINE® is a trademark registered worldwide by Moleskine SpA, located in Milan, Viale Stelvio No. 66, 20159 – Italy.

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