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Big Fish


August 2016

22 responses to “Big Fish”

  1. The background even looks like it’s the shop this craft was created. Lovely colourful fish, just that I wont be able to eat it

  2. Such a wonderful and colorful piece of art. Is it something you can put on the table for decoration, or something that can be hung? Looks like something my mom would want in our house.

  3. This has to be some kind of art shop. I can tell because there are some more art pieces in the background.

  4. It takes a phenomenal artist to come up with such a creation. My kudos to the brilliant brains behind this.

  5. This huge fish model can make a good decoration in a room. It could also double up as a great conversation piece.

  6. I like how the fish’ eyeball is a single piece of round metal. I think it’s a very creative piece 🙂

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