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Big Tree At Dawn

July 2018

12 responses to “Big Tree At Dawn”

  1. Did you Photoshop this picture to add those amazing colours?..This picture is so beautiful and well captured.. I love it

  2. What an amazing picture, I love how the light brights stroung trought the branches of the tree

  3. I like it … I always like pictures with natural scenery. I even immediately saved it in my collection. Thank you!

  4. This is seemingly from someone who is enlightened? I just see it that way. As if after all the bad stuff something good is about to happen.

  5. This is so magical. It seems that it is a portal to another world. The beauty of nature at its best.

  6. What are visually stunning photograph. It almost looks photo shopped due to its perfection.

  7. Great angle here! You must have spent a good amount of waiting and positioning to be able to get the good angle for this shot. The photo looks amazing.

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