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Bird On A Roof Top

Bird On A Roof TopMay 2007

33 responses to “Bird On A Roof Top”

  1. The Crow ha ha. Seriously though this is a very good shot. The fact that you captured the bird in this exact position is cool. Animals have limited attention spans. This is skill right here.

  2. I can hear sound on this picture. I woul dlove to wake up to this every morning with birds on my window

  3. This was a usual thing in our neighborhood back when I was a little girl, seeing pigeons and other birds flitting about and landing on rooftops. Nowadays, bad kids shoot at them with slingshots and the birds haven’t come back ever since.

  4. Wow, this is fantastic I swear. The red bricks looks somehow and the sky is perfect. The itself is cute. Great output guy

  5. In my own part of the world, birds in such position are used as informants. Nice shot from a perfect angle.

  6. The editing on this image is really professional. It really brought beauty to the bird. Thanks for sharing friend

  7. That bird is very similar to a pigeon, if I know them! These pigeons like to live on rooftops, the bad thing is that they leave a lot of manure on them.

  8. That dove inspires tranquility, and tenderness, that is what we human beings need in these difficult times.

  9. I bet it took some meticulous timing to get this shot. You have quite the eye for incredible shots.

  10. In this photo you have captured the beautiful merger of nature and what is man-made. I think it’s a very deep photo.

  11. Imagine how high is that, but you manage to give us a great shot. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like a pigeon.

  12. I love pigeons, I know that many people think they are dirty but for me they are urban survivers.

  13. this looks more like an art work, a bird sitting that calm for a shoot. the color effect too is really lovely

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