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Blaise Pascal Quote



“Imagination disposes of everything: it creates beauty, justice and happiness—which is everything in this world.” -Blaise Pascal

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  1. Well said and glad I bumped into that quote. Blaise pascal really did know the most important things in the world.

  2. Blaise of the greatest brain the world has ever produced..this quote is onpoint..imagination is a powerful on

  3. Indeed every thing starts in the mind. Imagine it first, formulate and think about it carefully then execute it.

  4. I always allow my imagination runs riot because I know it can so create so many beautiful things.i love my spirit of imagination.

  5. I agree that imagination is an essential part of life. Albert Einstein also had a great quote that “imagination is more important than knowledge.”

  6. I agree but only to a certain extent. Of course reality will always be greater than we imagine. A good example of this are movies. Sure it provides us an escape but once it ends. We go on with our lives.

  7. Imagination is the mother of creativity. Before you create something physically you will have created it in your mind first.

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